Thursday, September 2, 2010

intro quiz 1

1. The Passion for Wisdom authors have attempted to capture the "spirit of the times" throughout the history of philosophy, also known as the __________.

2. Philosophical ideas about nature, souls,and death can be traced how far back?

3. The oldest recorded philosophy, called the _____, comes from ______.

4. The Persian prophet Zoroaster, also known as __________, was possibly the first thinker to wrestle with the problem of ______.

5. What two religions are now espoused by a third of the world?

6. On what main points do Confucians and Taoists agree and disagree?

7. What did the Greeks "borrow" from Egypt and Iraq (Babylon)?

8. "Better never to have been born," said ______.

9. Philosophy first began to distinguish itself from religion by searching for _______.

10. What is the etymology of "philosophy"?

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