Monday, September 20, 2010

buried time

1. Through its birth, marriage,  & death (etc.) rituals, ________ helps promote long-term thinking; but too vast a timescale, overly focused on eternity, can result in a lack of interest in ______ and ________.

2. (T/F) Kevin Kelly, "devout Christian," says we need a future that will release us from history.

3. Alexander Rose's "pure dream" for the Long Now Foundation's clock/library project describes a "complex" akin to the library of _________, whose "ambition and folly" is to give us all permission to ______________.

4. (T/F) As currently envisioned, the clock will be entirely maintenance-free and self-sustaining.

5. Danny Hillis says our most interesting question is _______________.

6. (T/F) Stewart Brand says the technological Singularity will (or would) forestall the onset of any future Dark Age.

7. The clock is intended (like "Big Ben") to keep time accurately because its creators do not want it to become a _________.

8. A city version of the clock should be at least __ feet tall, a desert (mountain) clock __ feet tall.

9. The deliberate destruction of cultural information (including books) is analogous to what other form of "continuity"?

10. The "dead hand" of excessive continuity results in too much reverential attention to the _____.

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