Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Clock

Long Now Foundation's Alexander Rose explains, via prototype, the Clock of the Long Now:

[Sunday Morning]

1. The part of himself that he wants to preserve for the future, Danny Hillis say, is the part that _______...

2. If we want to contribute to a tenable future, says Brian Eno, we have to reach what frame of mind with respect to our descendants? What must we extend far forward in time? What must we first do,what must we create, in order to begin to create that frame of mind?

3. Stewart Brand hopes the Clock of the Long Now will do what for time?  (By analogy with what?)

4. The least selfish, most constructive attitude we could adopt would enact what Zen prescription, and in what kind of time?

5. Danny Hillis defines technology as _____...?

6. Vernor Vinge applied the metaphor of a ___________ to human events, according to which a techno-rapture is forecast for the year _____ (give or take a few years). Stewart Brand calls it _________.

7. Louise Boulding proposes defining the present as ________; Brand says we're at civilization's ________ (beginning, middle, end).

8. On the scale of eons, says Freeman Dyson, the unit of survival is the _______ (culture, species, web of life); (T/F) long-term thinkers must, therefore, adapt exclusively to the entire biosphere.

9. ________ is invisible to adolescents, who are obsessed with _______.

10. The Long Now operates at the level of _______, but now must begin to engage the Longer Now of _______.

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stuart candy said...

Quiz question 7:

Louise Boulding proposes defining the present as...

Maybe you mean Elise Boulding.

(I guess this is worth extra points, right?)

stuart Accelerating Intelligence News