Wednesday, September 1, 2010

future quiz 1

Launching a new classroom routine: daily quizzes, which we'll pluck from the "Cloud" near the end of each class.  Here's today's:

1. Why do you think philosophy's "center of gravity" shifts, for those to whom the future is a "vital question"?

2. What does James mean by his distinction between "the earth of things" and "the upper ether"?

3. How is a pragmatist's view of the future a philosophic form of protestantism?

4. (T/F) Dennett claims our beliefs about the future are irrelevant.

5. Bellamy's Looking Backward was written in the ____ century but takes place mostly in the ____. (19th, 20th; 20th, 19th; 19th, 18th; 20th, 21st)

That's all for now, answers to be discussed just before the next quiz. Isn't this fun?!

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