Wednesday, April 7, 2010


A&S was fun yesterday, though I had to croak my way thru it. We talked about a lot while wrapping up Dawkins' "Rainbow," including online gaming (like World of Warcraft) as potentially civilizing (but also potentially debilitating).

That led Matt to mention of "Chatroulette." Apparently (as Lauren said)  it's not entirely perverse. (But the revolting description, coupled with Jordan's mention of Muppetts (speaking of Kermit) led me to the irresisitible/disgusting thought of them pulling their own strings. Sorry! But I can't help it, hahaha.

In spite of all, I'm still with Emily Dickinson and the Dalai Lama: it's Spring, hope's alive, the future's not dead yet.

Hoping to be in full voice soon...

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