Friday, April 9, 2010

In Love w/Life

I made reference to two accomplished contemporary philosophers of my personal acquaintance in class yesterday, one a very successful epistemologist, the other my old and youthful mentor. It would be appropriately discrete to withhold the identity of the former (so I'll just say, to whom it may concern: here's an interesting homepage...and here's a brand of North Dakota philosophy* I like); but I'm always happy to introduce the latter.** This book in particular has very special personal significance for me, as it did for my Dad. Like Bob Solomon, he has a lot to say about a lot, and he thinks love makes the world go 'round...

* Seriously, check out the podcast. This program is very professionally done, and its host Jack Russell Weinstein is a very good philosopher.

** And just to be sure I'm not being overly subtle, in my discretion, about the instructive contrast between my two acquantances: check out this other John Lachs title: The Relevance of Philosophy to Life.

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