Tuesday, February 1, 2011


PW Quiz 18-26
1. What central tenets of Hindu thought tend to be rejected by Buddhists? What do they, along with Jains, share?
2. The Sanskrit word for "philosophy" means what?
3. What threatens mysticism?
4. What's the first "noble truth"? What's the first step on the Eightfold Path? What's Nirvana, and what must you free yourself from if you want to attain it? What's karma? What's a Bodhisattva? Who is the Dalai Lama?
5. What did Nagarjuna's "Middle Way" School say about essence and identity? Which sect denied the standard Buddhist claim that the world is an illusion?
6. Confucius and Aristotle both emphasized the importance of what? What is the key Confuciuan virtue? Is it a fixed, determinate trait in all humans? Why is physical exercise important?
7. ______'s Art of War  says the precondition of love is what? Should we love everyone equally, on the Confucian view?
8. Lao Tzu's philosophy de-emphasized what in favor of spontaneity and simplicity? What is the greatest Taoist virtue? What do Taoists seek to forget? What's the significance of yin and yang?
9. In contrast to the Christian concept of soul as an individuated, distributed bit of eternity, Taoists think of it as more like what?

My favorite Buddhist:

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Nhu Duong said...

I really enjoyed Ricard's insight on the "general antidote" for our emotions and his anger/cloud metaphor. If only we could all sit on the mist.

Also, would you say that by meditating and suppressing the thoughts that make us suffer, are we experiencing genuine happiness or are we just delusional?

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