Wednesday, April 27, 2011

That's the way it is

Whole Earth Discipline 9, Afterword

1. What's "live value"? What in particular do we need to cure our ignorance about?

2. What's DISCOVR? What are the "most tempting" geoengineering schemes? What ancient technique invented by the Amazon Indians is under consideration?

3.Does Al Gore like the idea of "solar shades"?

4. What's the Turquoise movement? How do Turqs relate to Gaia, compared with Greens?

5. What's the Golden Rule of Time? What's Freeman Dyson's definition of "sustainable"? What did A.N. Whitehead say about the future? Why is James Lovelock "cheerful"? How has he "softened his sense of alarm"?

6. What is Brand's concluding statement? 

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