Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thales to Democritus

O 5-10 quiz-
1. The first Greek lover of wisdom, interested in disentangling science and knowledge from magic and myth, is widely said to have been ______.

2. Who asserted the existence of natural law and speculated that humans had evolved from fish, 2,400+ years before Darwin?

3. (T/F) Pythagoras, the first deductive reasoner to derive interesting conclusions from self-evident axioms, defended a theory of cosmic harmony while rejecting superstition and mysticism.

4. Who said that because everything is in a state of flux, you can't step in the same river twice? What did he mean?

5. The treatment of _______, ________, and ___________ in ancient Greece was primitive and unenlightened.

6. Who "discovered air" and said change was a function of love and strife?

7. Democritus and Leucippus were the first ________.

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Skye Cutler said...

4. Heraclitus said "you cannot step into the same river twice" because the world is continuous and everything is constantly moving.
Which later is the motivation of Leucippus and Democritus theory of atoms.

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