Friday, October 30, 2009

no particular reason

Stephen's report showed us Forrest Gump in a whole new light: he's a Taoist, like Pooh.

Or Gomer. (Not the "Full Metal Jacket" Gomer, Jordan, the one from Mayberry.) A sweet-tempered, good-hearted soul of very little brain, and very little distress. He's in utter harmony with his world. But can we all afford to be so simple? Even if we wanted to be? Someone's got to do the thinking, right?

Or is that where we all get in trouble?


Anonymous said...

I think that "going with the flow" and philosophizing are not impossibly incompatible. I think that Taoism shoots more at not contemplating yourself into despair. I believe it encourages simplifying the truths we try to find.

irene said...

I think we think to seriously about that which is simple, and believe simplicity of thought to be simple minded. We often see the truth through the eyes of a child, not because they are academically adolescent, but because they look where clouded (corrupt) minds fail to gaze. Pooh takes notice of what “is” and imposes no preconceptions.

How long would your list be if I asked you to list "why a bucket is full of water?"

The simple truth would need only one...
Why is the bucket full of water?...because it has no hole in the bottom. =-) Accelerating Intelligence News