Monday, September 21, 2009

God and science together

It is unfortunate that recent polemics have been pitched as a contest to the death between science and God. Time Magazine sponsored a debate under that heading ("God vs. science") a couple years back between Richard Dawkins and genome project leader Francis Collins (author of The Language of God, now head of the NIH). Fact is, having your science and God too is not disallowed by the logic of atheism.

Collins is not the only Darwinian who believes in God. Darwin himself believed in God for most of his adult life, or at least did not actively challenge that inherited belief; and even when he seemed to lose his own faith, after the death of his little girl Annie, he continued to defend others' faith. He was a Jamesian ahead of his time.

I've mentioned "theistic evolutionists." Ken Miller (Finding Darwin's God) is one...

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