Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shoeless Georg

Of course Hegel walked. "If he were walking with one, he would stop every moment, speak, gesticulate, or let ring out a hearty laugh."
Hegel was charmed with the beauty of nature about Heidelberg. He writes home that his wife, when she joins him, will then first know what walks can be. Hegel lived at almost the outskirts of the town. He was often* seen at his windows, looking out, in Socratic meditation, toward the forest stretches and the haze-softened hills beyond...
We are told that, during the summer of 18 17, he was often so lost in thought that he was quite oblivious to outer happenings. Once, it is said, he was walking to  the university building over a miry piece of ground. One shoe remained sticking in the mud. Hegel went on his way without noticing the loss.
One more difference between Hegel & me. I'd notice.

But like Georg, I also loved my old Heidelberg; and like him I believe "a freer relation to the outer world is attained by man through his power of  walking. By this he does away with the limitations of space, finding the place he  wants." Shod or not.

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