Monday, January 5, 2015

Jury duty

I dutifully reported for jury duty this morning. The jury coordinator eventually reported that there would be just one criminal trial jury seated this day, so "cross your fingers."

Older Daughter finds the whole situation tweetably amusing.
My dad is texting the family about what a miserable time he is having actually adulting. Sorry Dad, you had to grow up today.
I wasn't miserable, just unsettled. Off my routine. No dog-walk this morning.

But isn't it interesting, how she (like many of her peers, I'll bet) equates misery with adulthood? Classic Peter Pan syndrome. It's true, I'm rarely miserable. I mostly enjoy life at work and at home during breaks from school, when "adulting" includes picking up after the kids and running their taxi.

Anyway, back in the jury room...

After about 45 minutes' wait I was relieved to miss the cut, but was detained along with 24 other potential reserve jurors. May have to go back to the courthouse in an hour. Fingers still crossed. Still not miserable. Just trying to stay young at heart.

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