Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Why I stopped following PZed Myers

Not to pick a fight or anything, but...

I stopped following PZ Myers (@pzmyers) on Twitter about a month ago. I just noticed how much I've enjoyed not missing him, and wonder if others wouldn't benefit similarly from shutting off that particular faucet of vulgar, constantly-streaming antipathy for pretty much everyone not in lock-stop with the masher from Minnesota.

The "Why I Am An Atheist" series on his site did admittedly provide a useful template in our "Atheism & Philosophy" course at MTSU. (Most contributors, like just about all of my students, are a lot nicer than their host.)

And I confess, I took more than a little guilty pleasure in watching him skewer an ongoing parade of dunderheads in public.

But not all theists are dunderheads, and not all atheists are people I want on my team. PZed's vituperative displays of misanthropy finally got to be too much. He may be a good atheist (though not a great one), but he's not a good humanist. His human sympathies are in fact shriveled and grinch-like, his heart is at least two sizes too small, and I don't need to share mental space with such people.

There, I've said it. For what it's worth. Namaste, PZed.

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