Sunday, May 20, 2012

Richard Ford on living

Just home from Oxford, MS, from where I tweeted this morning about the great stock Richard Ford places in living. Today's Times Magazine punctuates the point. Note Ford's reply to Andrew Goldman's impudent smartass question:
NYT: It has been six years since your last novel was published, and I gather you weren’t writing for some of that time. What were you doing? Jack Daniel’s and the “Today” show? 
RF: Living, it’s called living. You might call it wasting time, but I just call it living. Going bird hunting, reading books, watching the Red Sox, doing things with my wife that we wouldn’t have time to do if I was writing a book. There’s a whole lot to do once you can get out from under the yoke of working.
Richard Ford Is a Man Who Actually Listens -

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