Friday, September 9, 2011

Did Job silence God?

For the record, to clarify a point from Jack Miles' God: a biography that Jennifer Hecht repeats in Doubt: a history, their claim is that God's speech from the whirlwind is His last appearance in the Hebrew Bible. The New Testament, as Cody reminded us in H1, is another story. "And a voice from heaven said..." (Matthew 3:17) "And a voice came from heaven..." (Mark 1:11) Still, there's something decidedly transitory, insubstantial and second-hand  about those later scriptures, compared to the Deity's remarkable and extended appearance on stage in Job. Jack Miles:
A view common to nearly all commentators on the Book of Job is that, one way or another, the Lord has reduced Job to virtual silence. Unnoticed is the fact that from the end of the Book of Job to the end of the Tanakh, God never speaks again. His speech from the whirlwind is, in effect, his last will and testament.

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