Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Just get up and move"

I forget if I've mentioned this here before (really), but like many in my Boomer demographic I fret a bit about occasional, disquieting lapses of memory. Mostly they're the niggling kind the Times Well blog calls "mundane, creeping memory loss that begins about the time our 30s recede, when car keys and people’s names evaporate."  My 30s are definitely receded. This has been a small but persistent issue for, um, for I forget how long.

So,  as a daily walker and semi-daily biker, I'm pleased by new research on this topic indicating the leveraged rewards that can come of even the mildest exertion.
“Our results indicate that vigorous exercise isn’t necessary” to protect your mind, Dr. Middleton said. “I think that’s exciting. It might inspire people who would be intimidated about the idea of quote-unquote exercising to just get up and move.”
 Just get up and move: a good mantra for us all, if we can remember it. If the years have taught me anything they've taught me this: write it down. Then, get up and move.  

And remember to think about Nietzsche's cryptic remark that "in the case of the smallest or of the greatest happiness it is always the same thing that makes happiness happiness: the ability to forget..." 

Then again, he forgot a whole lot in his last decade but doesn't seem to have been all that happy.

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