Monday, August 9, 2010


Nice to see fellow Nashvillian and journeyman pitcher R.A. Dickey getting good notices for both his knuckleball and his vocabulary.
"If he's not the most thoughtful and well-spoken person in that clubhouse, he's near the top of the list," said Mike Sielski, Mets beat writer for TheWall Street Journal.
"In the visiting clubhouse at Dodger Stadium, R.A.'s locker was next to Jason Bay's. Within a five-minute span, Jason used the word kerfuffle (disorder) and R.A. used the word surmised (infer). The reporters were joking, 'Who uses words like this in a baseball clubhouse?' I made the comment that there's more intelligence concentrated in these two lockers than just about any clubhouse in professional sports in the United States."
But... for "surmise" he's an intellectual? Really? And he's underpaid at $600K?

On the other hand, he's an old man at 35. Kudos to him for persevering.

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