Wednesday, July 7, 2010

leaving home

In The World Is My HomeJames Michener left a light-hearted "living will." Just for the record, and until I get around to a more detailed personal statement of my own, I'll borrow it.
"I have given strict instructions: 'I am in favor of allowing totally helpless and lost persons, including me, to seek the help of friends in ending their meaningless misery. But I do not want on my board of review any book critics, people to whom I owe debts, or conservative Republicans.' " 
Also for the record: some of my best friends and closest family are conservative Republicans.


Anonymous said...

Of my friends and family, those drawn to a life in pursuit of the absolute and those hostile to it, "meaningless misery" sounds particularly alien coming from you - at least the You that is You, so I ain't buying it, conservative, Republican, left-wing neo-anarchist, old-school traditional atheist, Alienist, Liberosopher or what have you. That just needed to be brung out.

Phil said...

But it's not coming from me, it's from Mr. Michener and he was joshin' around, albeit on a very serious subject. I've not sunk into meaningless misery and am not planning to, just going on record in the event of unforeseen contingencies. Most of them are unforeseen, no? But thanks for the thought, Jim. Accelerating Intelligence News