Tuesday, August 11, 2015

John Lachs

Today begins the long-awaited and richly-deserved tribute in Berlin to my old mentor John Lachs. To the organizers and to John I've written,
 I'd like simply to register my appreciation to the organizers of this gathering, and my enduring gratitude to John Lachs for igniting and repeatedly re-sparking my enthusiasm for philosophy over the years.
When some of my Vandy cohort alums and I organized a much-smaller tribute to John for the Tennessee Philosophical Association meeting in Nashville, in 2007, he made it clear that he wasn't  through. Nearly eight years later, that's  still very clear. I look forward to participating more tangibly again next time... several years hence.
You're a perennial inspiration, John. Thanks again.

"There is something devastatingly hollow...

"There is something devastatingly hollow...
...about the demonstration that thought without action is hollow, when we find the philosopher only thinking it." John Lachs  
Front Cover
Freedom and Limits: the Philosophy of John Lachs

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