Monday, July 15, 2013

Who Scores Games by Hand Anymore?

I do. I wasn't scoring last night's terrific Cards win at Wrigley, the one Younger Daughter was sure her Cubbies had salted away before she retired (thus missing Yadi's big blast), but I almost always score the games we see in person. Sadly, most fans these days don't know what to do with the scoresheet they find in ther overpriced "souvenir program." A few of us still do, and we know why we do too.
Many people said they wanted the program only as a souvenir and opted not to take the pencil. But Stephan Loewenthil of New Rochelle happily took it while forking over his $10. “For me it’s still a bargain, and it’s not about buying a souvenir,” he said. “It’s about making the game more immediate, keeping me locked in.” Loewenthil, 63, was taught to keep score by his father at Yankee Stadium when he was 6 ½ years old. His son, Jacob, 26, had no interest in continuing the pastime. “It’s my dad’s thing,” he said."
I am proud to report that both of my girls are competent and sometimes even avid scorekeepers. They're locked in.

Who Scores Games by Hand Anymore? -

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