Monday, August 20, 2012

David’s Journey

"...when David Oliver, a retired professor of gerontology and assistant director of MU’s Interdisciplinary Center on Aging, told his colleagues via YouTube video that he had stage 4 cancer, he led with his trademark grin. “The goal of the video was to make people comfortable so they could see that I was still David,” says Oliver, who was diagnosed with treatable but not curable nasopharyngeal (upper throat) carcinoma in October 2011. “I was not ‘David with cancer’ — even though I was David, with cancer.”" David’s Journey | MIZZOU Magazine

Amazing, inspiring story. It first caught my eye because of the phyiscal resemblance between David and my late Dad James C. Oliver, DVM (Mizzou class of '60), who passed from leukemia in 2008. I wonder if we're related? I hope so. Dad would be so impressed with David's graceful and dignified cheerfulness, and his willingness to use his own health crisis as an opportunity to educate. Good luck to you David.

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