Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day! It began as a pagan fertility festival, before St. Valentine and Hallmark got into the picture.

My philosophy of love is not Socrates' (or Plato's) - it's no more perfect than a thorny rose, and it's best when particularized.

The Beatles overstated the case, but even if it's not all you need it's still a good candidate for the "meaning of life." A happy life is good, a good life is happy, a good and happy life is full of it.

And as John Lachs said in In Love With Life, "even those who complain a lot love what they do." We must imagine Sisyphus and Schopenhauer happy.

So I'm not complaining today about passing another milestone and watching another number role by on the odometer. It beats the alternative.

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