Thursday, December 15, 2011

"What Is College For?"

It's for "opening up to new dimensions," both in and out of the classroom.
Students readily accept the alleged wisdom that their most important learning at college takes place outside the classroom.  Many faculty members — thinking of their labs, libraries or studies — would agree.  But the truth is that, for both students and faculty members, the classroom is precisely where the most important learning occurs.
Gary Gutting, "The Stone"

And if you missed it: Simon Blackburn, "Of Hume and Bondage"

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(16 Group 2) Dawgkecha said...

I love the classroom, especially when the students are engaged. I hope to teach some day, in large part, from what the class room has done for me. It's a gift to have the experience. The classroom is a dialog at its best. Dialogs start with questions. Good teachers welcome and encourage students and learn themselves. Everybody wins. Accelerating Intelligence News