Tuesday, September 20, 2011


A new blog is devoted to exploring the correspondence between brothers William and Henry James. The Philosopher and The Master, toe to toe (or pen to pen). Should be fun to follow.

A sample post:


Wm to H'ry, July 15, 1865. Age: 23

"No words, but only savage inarticulate cries can express the gorgeous loveliness of the walk I have been taking....How often my dear old Harry wd. I have given every thing to have you by my side to enjoy the magnificent landscape of this region."
Wm seems to be feeling better.  The plea for H'ry's company is a motif that runs through the entire correspondence.  Though he claims that words can't express the loveliness of his walk, much of the letter sets out to achieve just that.  The return address reads "Original Seat of Garden of Eden."

Lonely, but feeling adventurous

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