Thursday, June 9, 2011


Has it really been thirty-nine summers since a fifteen-year old boy and his Dad took a long week-end in the Windy City, seeing both of the hometown teams on successive days? Time to go again, you're only fifteen once.

Found the box-score from the summer of '72. We were there.

St.Louis Cardinals

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Lou Brock LF512000.317.7520.0480.790.093-0.0440.5202·SB
Ed Crosby 2B411010.225.5350.0121.190.100-0.0880.8232B
Bernie Carbo RF312020.256.7070.1501.190.162-0.0121.420
   Jorge Roque PR000000.000.0000.0000.000.0000.0000.0
Joe Torre 3B501001.303.833-0.1151.970.110-0.225-2.611GDP
Ted Simmons C511200.291.777-0.1722.200.161-0.3330.3602B,GDP
Donn Clendenon 1B301110.191.5950.1170.700.134-0.0161.872
Luis Melendez CF401002.231.630-0.0610.730.013-0.074-1.020
Dwain Anderson SS301001.255.5890.0260.750.061-0.0350.123HBP
   Dal Maxvill SS000000.235.5950.0000.000.0000.0000.000
Dennis Higgins P100000.000.000-0.0130.520.000-0.013-0.200
   John Cumberland P100000.091.182-0.0170.670.000-0.017-0.200
   Diego Segui P200000.100.200-0.1221.640.000-0.122-1.201GDP
   Joe Grzenda P0000000.0000.000.0000.0000.000
Team Totals36410344.278.699-0.1471.200.834-0.979-0.32410
2B: T Simmons (21, off B Bonham); E Crosby (6, off B Bonham).
HBP: D Anderson (1, by T Phoebus).
TB: B Carbo 2; L Brock 2; T Simmons 2; E Crosby 2; L Melendez; J Torre; D Anderson; D Clendenon.
GIDP: J Torre (15); T Simmons (10); D Segui (1).
RBI: T Simmons 2 (61); D Clendenon (9).
Team LOB: 10.
With RISP: 3 for 11.
DP: 1. E Crosby-D Anderson-D Clendenon.
E: D Anderson (4).
SB: L Brock 2 (41, 2nd base off B Bonham/K Rudolph 2).

Chicago Cubs

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Bill North RF411011.143.376-0.1982.300.050-0.248-0.710
Glenn Beckert 2B501201.264.6490.3233.150.523-0.2000.2362B
Billy Williams LF201130.339.9830.2301.600.248-0.0181.8402B,IW
Joe Pepitone 1B501001.261.763-0.1762.080.037-0.213-1.3130
Ron Santo 3B301010.294.841-0.0221.480.079-0.102-0.012
Rick Monday CF412001.259.7820.0701.880.233-0.1630.1002·2B,GDP
Ken Rudolph C311000.214.5630.0131.030.048-0.0350.131
   Frank Coggins PH010010.000.5000.0643.280.0640.0000.4
   Jack Aker P000000.000.3330.0000.000.0000.0000.000
Don Kessinger SS301110.268.6670.1012.370.140-0.0400.924
Bill Bonham P100000.333.833-0.0311.980.000-0.031-0.303SH
   Jose Cardenal PH100001.276.793-0.0281.140.000-0.028-0.2
   Tom Phoebus P000000.067.1330.0000.000.0000.0000.001
   Jim Hickman PH010010.286.8600.0064.300.0060.0000.2IW
   Randy Hundley C000000.218.5740.0000.000.0000.0000.000
Team Totals3159485.290.8550.3522.111.428-1.0781.22717
2B: G Beckert (17, off D Segui); B Williams (22, off D Segui); R Monday 2 (12, 1 off D Higgins, 1 off D Segui).
SH: B Bonham (1, off J Cumberland).
IBB: B Williams (9, by J Grzenda); J Hickman (3, by D Segui).
TB: R Monday 4; B Williams 2; G Beckert 2; D Kessinger; J Pepitone; K Rudolph; R Santo; B North.
GIDP: R Monday (4).
RBI: G Beckert 2 (26); B Williams (69); D Kessinger (26).
2-out RBI: G Beckert 2; B Williams.
Team LOB: 11.
With RISP: 2 for 14.
DP: 3. D Kessinger-G Beckert-J Pepitone; R Santo-D Kessinger-J Pepitone; G Beckert-D Kessinger-J Pepitone.
E: G Beckert (12); K Rudolph (6).

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